McBrides Camp
McBrides Bush Camp

Through a captivating ensemble of crepuscular light, the sunflower hues of dawn announce your arrival to McBrides Camp, nestled deep within the beating heart of Zambia's Kafue National Park. You are set to navigate the evocative landscape of this sprawling wilderness. The journey to McBrides is a symphony of shifting landscapes, the metamorphosis from urban bustle to untamed savannah enveloping you in a comfortable hush. The scent of the wild greets you long before you set eyes on the camp. A mélange of earthy fragrances – a faint whiff of the damp, dark, loamy soil, a hint of grass whispering tales of the wind, and the subtly intoxicating scent of wildflowers in bloom.

McBrides Main camp has 7 uniquely designed rustic double rooms with a distinctly classical feel and are a throwback to the original classic safari days.  All are spacious Double Chalets each with their own en-suite starlight bathrooms and high quality linen and towels.

An unfenced paradise with regular wild visitors ensure that you are close to nature and Zambia's plethora of beautiful creatures.

Situated on the banks of the Kafue River in one of the remotest and wildest parts of the Kafue National Park with Elephant, Buffalo, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Hippo, Crocodiles and Waterbirds are all prolific in the area with Elephant and Buffalo frequently crossing the river to graze on the lush vegetation overhanging the waterways. The Kafue River is the longest river in Zambia at over 1,500 Kilometers long and feeds into the Zambezi River.

At McBrides, your time is your own as you decide when to head out on a guided walk with a knowledgable guide and armed scout or game drive in our open vehicles or on a river cruise to go game viewing, birdwatching or fishing. Or simply spend your day in the comfort of a soft couch in the lodge watching the river flow by, listening to the sound of Majestic Fish Eagles, honking Hippos or the alarm calls of our resident Bush Buck indicating that our local Leopard is close by.

Night time at McBrides is truly a magical affair.  Sitting by our open air fire in our intimate boma, listening to the symphony of the nocturnal wilderness going about their struggles of life in harmony with their surrounds.